Sick Baby

It's not always sunshine, turtles and dolphins! My little man is sick. Not sea sick. Proper fever sick. This terrifies me. Ever since he had his first seizure fever in Portugal last year the least elevation of his temperature sends me into a panic spiral. I do 4 hour watches all night to check if his temperature is up, which it has been, so he gets his next round of fever meds (alternating ibuprofen and paracetamol to keep it down). We're both exhausted! But I know if he does have a seizure he will be Ok. That they are almost "normal". But as a mother watching that "normal" thing – please please please never again. (That first time I honestly thought he was dying. I still cry if I talk about it for more than 2 seconds). So this boat is a sleepy one today! Yesterday we had On Guard running all afternoon. And this morning as he woke up with no fever we switched to Citrus to get some energy into our step! Also mermaids in the creative mermaids Facebook group: we pulled all the Thursday mermaid cards for the month together today! So it was very much a family effort today. 😄😄😄

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