The Books 

Sherrie is a writer, mama and reluctant sailor who traded in her motorcycle adventures for a mommy adventure. Having babies may have filled her with more love than she thought possible, but it did not quell her gypsy ways. Sensing this, Patrick, her partner in life, parenthood, and vagabonding ways worked at this crack to change her fear of the ocean into the desire to move onto a sailboat and sail away.  Which she has finally agreed to. The notice has been given. The adventure begins the end of March 2017. You can check out her books on Amazon.

The Boat

The boat is Falkor, named after the most awesome Luck Dragon from the Neverending Story. Patrick’s first bike was named Emma, after the locomotive from Micheal Ende’s Jim Knopf series. Deciding to keep the theme, we chose the one creature that we wanted to take us around the world and named our boat after him. I will always love you Falkor!

Falkor with Mango hanging out

Falkor is 9.5 meters long (just 31 feet!) but the builder maximized all the space within. Cutting the front berth in half (leaving it the perfect size for sleeping little monkeys) meant that he still managed to get in a small salon. And cutting the cockpit in half meant he was able to make a bedroom in the back.  So we have just enough space. Although abundant space is not something any sailor we know complains about!

We tend to explode stuff everywhere

The boat can not be introduced without it’s captain. And the captain is not the writer of this blog. (See the reluctant sailor bit). Our captain is Patrick, the true mastermind behind the idea of sailing the world. I promised him as far as Portugal and then we will reassess!  🙂 As he is German, it is also why we tell everyone we want to do the Barefoot Route and most people look at us like we are crazy. Unless they too are German, and then they get what we mean. Apparently, everyone else calls it the Coconut Milk Run.  But I could be wrong there. I am not the sailor.

The captain

The Babes

The babes are our little monkeys, The Em to the J and Mr. Man. They will be 4 and 2 exactly at the beginning of our journey. Mr. Man loves boats and we expect the only problems with him will be keeping an eye on him so he doesn’t hurt himself. The Em to the J, however, has already told us she likes to visit Falkor but she doesn’t want to leave her best friends at Kita. (German daycare.) We’re hoping she will be happy enough as a pirate princess that sends postcards to her friends telling of her adventures.

Sweetest sailor ever: The Em to the J


Mr. Man