Moonlight Swim In Dominica

I think swimming under the light of an almost full moon would make any evening feel magical. But there's something even more so about doing it in Dominca (also glad we're not here at the height of season, because I don't think I would want to swim with 300 other boats potentially direct flushing). I'm also so glad right now we listened to direct word of mouth. Just listening to our guidebook I would never have come here. We have the most recent edition but it's still with info from 10 years ago. They talk about getting swamped with requests as soon as you come in and to watch all your stuff ALL the time. OR a very not relaxed and fun spot to visit. But our friend and neigbour in St. Anne and later Pointe Prite said that's from a decade ago and the place has entirely changed. He loves it so much he's building a house there. Everyone we have spoken have said the same thing. They go to Dominica with trepidation from what they have read in guidebooks and come out fully in love with the tiny country. Us too.

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