One Month At Sea: A Picture Post

We made it an entire month afloat! Although I have to admit, this first month feels almost like a cheater month if I am honest. The first week we were in Nowe Warpno getting the boat ready to sail.


And then the week after we did cast off – but not for lands unknown! In fact, up until this week everywhere we have sailed has been our old stomping grounds!  First to Ruegen and from there to the tip of Denmark before we headed back to our old sailing club in Borgstedt. So it was a nice and easy way to start the trip. Or at least mostly. The weather was not our friend on this trip!

Nasty nasty wind that had me shrieking with fear in the canals and cursing the very idea of sailing.  And then we would anchor for the night and I would calm down and all would be right with the world again.

Even our ability to explode our stuff everywhere feels familiar!


So it looks like we will make it past Amsterdam. I am still not promising past Portugal though!










I promise more updates when we have consistent Internet. Even at a cafe where wifi is advertised my nerves screech at the slow almost dial up nature of the entire thing! Until then I do post regular pics on my Instagram account as well as the Facebook page!

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