Messy Middle & Curated Social Media Content

I love this little video. It is the messy middle for me. It’s also a great example of how easy it is to present a perfectly curated version of your life on social media. If I just took pictures and concentrated on one side of the beach I’d have nothing but drool worthy pictures of living life afloat in the Caribbean. But just 2 feet over (and where my family are watching turtles much on seaweed) there is a storm coming. Same beach. Same freaking moment! It’s the messy middle. People often ask me what I mean by the messy middle and the giant answer is it’s life. But for me it comes down to two major aspects of it. The first is that the shiny caterpillar to butterfly transformation that we are so often fed from TV really glosses over that dissolved into an unrecognizable goo in a cocoon phase. Anytime you need to go through something, you need to become that goo. And that’s the messy middle. More so, way too freaking often we believe it’s our weakness or our inability to do something that is causing the pain. We blame ourselves and we give up. Be it a creative project, a business or life in general that’s kicking our ass. It’s not true. This is where we get to fall apart to get stronger and emerge as the butterfly. That shit isn’t easy. And its not supposed to be. It’s supposed to transform you into something better. And that doesn’t come for free. But the reward is priceless. The other aspect is smaller but always there. And that is there is no perfect! Beautiful beaches get stormed on and you huddle in a hut. My lifestyle has it’s high peaks of awesome but also low valleys of sailing all day to arrive to a swell. Or the fact that even at anchor you feel that you are at sea. Its the messy middle of life. As Anais Ninn said “perfection is static and I’m in full motion” And so is my home. 🤓😜🦄 Although thankfully much less so tonight!

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