1 Year Afloat & A Month Long Visit To Europe Planned!

Last beach day for a month! Today is packing and finishing off getting the boat ready to leave (mostly due to fear of returning to a sentient fungus) and tomorrow is plane day! The truly crazy thing is it's going to take the family the same amount of time to get to Zurich as to Paris and for me it was faster by 2 hours to fly to Paris AND THEN to Vegas. Why just why? Either way I can't wait for the Badassery Retreat! Yoga, cocktails, community building and champagne masterminds? Yes please. My biz turns a year old, we not only survived a year afloat but are thriving and I made it through year 1 of the most intense pain I have ever experienced. I almost talked myself out of that plane ride but remembering last year I've taken my Sirius Joy app to heart and giving my heart what she wants. And though the plane ride isn't it, the community of women that are going to be there is! If you're not reading @badasserymag you are missing out! 😍💃🏽

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