The Beginning Of The End

Our time in Berlin is coming to an end! Patrick has finally convinced me that putting our babies in a boat and sailing with them on the ocean is, in fact, a wonderful idea. I am willing to accept it might be a wonderful idea. At the very least sailing around Denmark, the past two summers have been great fun. Falkor is a boat I trust. And when the father of your children tells you that after 12 years together he still wants nothing more than to run away with you, or at the very least sail away with you, your resistance melts and you pack up your babies and go.

Or something like that.  ;P

And so Patrick is no longer at GoEuro, and we are ready to sail away come the end of March! Supposing our boat is no longer frozen in the ice that is!

Baby it’s cold outside #wintersailing (or not) #sailingwithkids #falkour

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It did require some convincing, and if you are interested in that journey, then get your free e-book here! I have promised that we sail as far as Portugal and then we can reassess if we continue. But I have gone from a reluctant sailor to an excited one. The past 4.5 years here in Berlin have been all kinds of crazy as Patrick and I left behind our motorcycle adventures for parenthood and start-up life. Now we are ready to start a new adventure. And if we can’t go with our babies on our bikes we will go with our boat!

The emptying of the apartment is in full swing, we have given notice to our landlords, and from here on out it is just a matter of how much we can fit on the boat before we sail away!

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